Don’t Wing It

Many people hit and miss
They try that and try this
Yet wind down in defeat
When they shouldn’t have quit

It wasn’t that you didn’t try
It was, not waiting long enough
Now you’re on the dusty floor
Crying about another business flop
Making excuses how things were rough

It’s hard
Indeed it is
I am glad you realize
If it wasn’t
Everyone would have done it
What went wrong was
You winged it

Conceit was your closest friend
Her delusions were daily bread
‘I’m an entrepreneur’
You loved the ring to it
So what mattered, you winged it

Now that you are back to zero
Call in wisdom to sit with you
To plan first and think it through
To prepare and then, execute
To be less terse and more true
For what it’s worth son
Chance comes to few at all
Don’t wing it!




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