How ISIS Continues to Exist?

Sometimes I get it. And at other times, I am at sea with the kind of wickedness that augurs around me.

ISIS, the deadly Islamist group sells oil on the international black market  and rakes in between $40-97 million monthly?

My question: Who buys?

Russian President, Vladimir Putin says Turkey…wait for this…and several NATO countries buy oil from this group that executes their citizens on video and uploads it to the internet.

The Turkish President has denied the claim, stating he’d resign if Russia came up with any hard evidence.

I don’t know for sure who’s lying or who isn’t but what I do know is that $40 to $97 million  a month is enough for any group to prosecute its agenda in this world.

ISIS continues to exist simply because some powerful entities are its customers. And until a time when these entities-countries, families and private refineries-stop, the terrorist organisation will continue in its primary assignment.

I can only weep for the many dead innocent people that trading with ISIS could have saved.

This wickedness just baffles me.


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