Get Rid of Debt

Your income and assets will change from time to time.

But debt; those repayments you have to make; those are constant.

So in a time of economic stress when job cuts are inevitable, you stand a big risk of losing big time.

The world is in trouble right now, and it is hinged on the way we have treated how our economies, energy and environment.

It is safe to say that if we don’t change, there will be massive repercussions for the next generation.

But in your own space, get rid of debt. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need right now. Trust me, 2016 will be a year of assets stripping in a sense. Economies around the world will experience lulls. Energy prices are at record lows. And the environment will not deliver the kind of food security it used to.

Study about how to stay afloat in this coming tsunami and most of all, get rid of debt.




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