Thank God It’s Monday

Most heart attacks occur on Monday morning.

A certain anxiety of going back to work like a  rain cloud suddenly  hovers over so many people after lunch on Sunday, causing them to succumb to the sickness in their hearts the next day.

The sickness being the disaffection you have towards your job that you haven’t come to terms with.

Certain people take very long naps on Sundays just to ward off the effect of this awful feeling only to wake up and realize it’s manic Monday again.
Stop and think about it for a second: Shouldn’t you do what you love?

‘But it won’t pay as much as I currently earn…’ is usual the response I get.

But it can…if you take the responsibility to make it pay; if you put in the long hours required. Look there is profit in all labour. All you need to do is have a burning desire for that thing you call a hobby to become a business and you can wake up on Monday and say with me:

Thank God it’s Monday!

  1. And even if you work for someone, do work that resonates with you; that gives you a sense of meaning. Because what you do—whether you agree with this or not—is a matter of the heart. Money isn’t enough a compensation for the value you give so get a job that doesn’t just pay you-but one that fulfils you too. Have a great week ahead!



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