Why We Can’t All be Fools

Sometimes you hear something on the news in Nigeria and what hits you is bewilderment. It’s either some stupendous public money has been -or is being- grafted; or government has embarked on some obnoxious white-elephant project that could tank the economy.

In usual fashion, questions begin to pour into our minds-mostly the wrong ones that skirt around the ethnic, religious or political affiliations of the perpetrator of the harm against our corporate self.

Rather than ask why they stole such staggering amounts; you’d hear: Where is he from? Rather than ask how the money was used; you’d hear: What church does she attend? Rather than ask why they haven’t yet been prosecuted, we let their membership of the right or wrong political party be the judge of that.

In the end, we seem like a country of fools-people accustomed to asking the wrong questions…which is exactly why we can’t all be fools.

My thoughts.


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