How often did you wish you had more wisdom
What ancients did you read and try
Some on Sun Tzu built their kingdoms
Or on some other philosopher awry

But wisdom is not what many call it
No, not some almighty formula in the sky
Wisdom is a shopping list for the market
So that you know what exactly  to buy

Wisdom is imagination
You know? The kind where you use your mind
To think out a way from your problems
Rather than react to external stimuli

Wisdom is the simple ‘hello’
You say to that woman, you’ve be dying to go out with
Not expecting she’ll say ‘no’
You let the prospect of ‘yes’ move your lips

Wisdom is like an orange
A gift of God’s great taste
Oft is sweeter than it looks
But you’ve got to peel it first

How shall I explain Wisdom
Other than she is ever charming
A friend that sticks with you forever
That holds your hands through
Life’s thick and grime



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