FICTION AS I SEE IT LIVE on 1/12/2015!

By Seun Salami

The way I see it, fiction writing is one of the most powerful tools available to man. Yet we are barely scratching the surface. I’ll explain.

Fiction engages our emotions and therefore makes us easy to shape.

What this means is that compelling fiction has the same effect on the human mind that a true event does. A well written fictional account of a woman losing her baby will most likely generate the same reaction – compassion, and even tears – as a true account of such an ordeal would.

This makes the morality or otherwise of fiction equally critical because it has been proven time and time again that the human mind does not have the ability to distinguish between fiction and reality.

Fiction helps us understand other people. It promotes a deep probity that cuts across religious and political creeds. Through the eyes of fiction…

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