Never Get Stuck In the Past

Pain 3

Now the title may sound a little cliche but it isn’t my intention to over flog this very often broached subject. So I am not going to tell you to leave the past behind, particularly if you’ve never had any hurt in it.

I am talking to the ‘loser’ who’s been beating; the guy or girl who’s held on to an emotion of loss, rejection and sadness up till this moment and is wondering, when…? Time doesn’t heal, does it?


The reason your past is still gnawing at you is because you aren’t really profiting from it. Does the Bible not say all things (including the bad ones) are working together for your good?

The past is a very rich resource for experience but it  also comes with loads of painful memories.

So I urge you today to use your pain! Let it drive you to help someone. Pour it out on paper and create a book , a movie or a song. Let it stir you up to worship and pray to God like never before. Let it drive you to make sure another person doesn’t have to suffer what you suffered in the past.

Use your pain!

It isn’t really yours you know. Your connections need it.

And while your natural inclination is to nurse your it in seclusion and let it fester into self-pity. We need your pain.

Give it to us in script, song or innovation.

Your past is an asset that needs mining.

Now get to work!

Pain 2


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