A Strong Desire


              Courtesy of Buzzquotes.com

Nothing in life changes without having a strong desire.

Ask anybody who changed the unpleasant aspects of their lives, they had one.

That desire for change that makes you wake up at 4am in the morning to pray, study, workout, think… that one that makes you cry out to God for help in a time of desperation.

Without a strong desire, the debt, bad habit, enslavement, abusive relationship will linger longer-year after year- without let up. However, having one can change your life in the most miraculous fashion.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill pens this key change-ingredient as the Burning Desire. For some, a burning desire is all that is required to think up an innovation that will make them a fortune; find a spouse, or move  to the next level.

It was this strong desire in Bible times that pushed Hannah to the temple at Shiloh to pray for a son after her co-wife had taunted her endlessly about her childlessness. What a burden of mockery Hannah bore that she prayed out her soul to God. It was this desire that gave her a son-Samuel, the Prophet.

Maybe you too need to pray this way. Maybe you need to start running everyday to save yourself from health problems in the future. Maybe you need to take a turn in your career.

You can change the circumstances of your existence.

All you need is a strong desire. ‘It will make you an unstoppable, no-matter-what kind of person,’ in the words of Les Brown.

Change is in the offing for you but it’s up to you.

Desire it with great intensity.

Have a great week. God bless you.


About the Author: Nehi Igbinijesu is a Nigerian trained economist. He has worked at several banks in several positions. In addition to banking, Nehi has been a contributor to Connect Nigeria, anchoring the Discover Nigeria Series, a history project to depict positive elements about being Nigerian. He recently authored book for mothers titled, The Code: A Story About Raising Great Women.  He lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with him on Twitter at; @PNOIgbinijesu


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