The Christian communion is what it is; a show of our oneness with Christ. It is the very demonstration of what the world says we are not. It is the statement that we are the Son of God-not sons, but Son-for we share a joint-sonship with our Lord Jesus.

It is the statement that we cannot be sick, for God cannot be sick. It is a statement that we cannot be broke for God cannot be broke. It is a statement of our excellence for our God is excellent.

Something about taking the Communion-the bread and the cup-fixes our consciousness on who we really are. It is why the Master requires us to take it often as a remembrance of Him. We show to the world that his grace abides until His return at the Second coming. We show His unconditional love for us and the rest of the world. We show that our God shares His life with us. The communion has nothing to do with religion. Like marriage, it is a show of our oneness with our Love-God.

So when next you break bread-and I would you break bread now-think about what you are saying, and walk out of every challenge that isn’t in conformity with your identity in Christ.

Peace be unto you in Jesus name. Amen


About the Author: Nehi Igbinijesu is a Nigerian trained economist. He has worked at several banks in several positions. In addition to banking, Nehi has been a contributor to Connect Nigeria, anchoring the Discover Nigeria Series, a history project to depict positive elements about being Nigerian. He recently authored book for mothers titled, The Code: A Story About Raising Great Women.  He lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with him on Twitter at; @NehiWrites


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