The Love of Your Life

Love of Your Life

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The love of your life

That person that makes you feel like the true you, takes a while to find.

He or she may be the person you are currently with, the figments of your imagination …even that neighbour across the street…if you weren’t so blind.

The point is: they make you daydream. They bring out the wierdest of smiles; that sublime being you ever dreamed you’d become.

And when you are with them, things feel a lot easier—no matter how difficult life may even now be…Their voices storms calm…Their jokes make you laugh…

In essence, they are like starships in the sky built to take you to some high; like a swig of  somethin’ that  lifts you off with simple thoughts –little passengers running around…in your mind.

The love of your life has the strangest effect on you, otherwise they wouldn’t be who you say they are.

The love of your life can really take a lifetime—but  trust me, it’s always worth the find.


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