Understanding Righteousness Part 5


made righteous

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”—(Matthew 6: 33)

So in my last post, we treated Meditating as a step to the ‘seeking-His-righteousness’ part of Matthew 6:33.

And while many faiths define meditating in different ways, the Bible definitions for meditation imply pondering and muttering the scriptures in a way that supplants the general way of thinking that often pilot our actions with God-thoughts from the Bible.

The next step in seeking God’s righteousness is studying the Word of God.

So What is The Word of God?

The idea of the Word of God in its original expression means God’s thoughts. The original Greek word for this is ‘Logos’, which means, an ideal or thought-system.

So God’s Word is God’s thought-system.

And invariably, studying God’s Word is studying God’s thought-system; how He thinks about and relates to anything and everything.

Rememeber God created everything. And how He thinks about anything should be the correct way to think about things.

For instance, God thinks about marriage as a fusion. Gen 2:24 says, ‘Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.’ For illustrative purposes, marriage is like taking a bottle of coke and a bottle of fanta and emptying the two bottles into one container. The two become one. And they taste different too. God thinks marriage should never end in divorce. But a lot of people in our contemporary culture think of marriage as a partnership which is dissolvable. This very patterns of thinking are what make marriages last or collapse.

God’s Kind of Thinking Vs General Way of Thinking

The purpose or original intent for anything lies in the mind of its creator irrespective of how others view or percieve it. Planes were made to fly but some folks could decide that rather than fly their Gulfstream 6, they’d just drive it from Point A to Point B, not using the aircraft in right way for which it was created.

Studying God’s Word gives us insight on how to apply ourselves rightly to all of God’s creation. It is often at variance with the general way of thinking because God’s Word communicates purpose while the general way are shroud in opinions that have become accepted either because of time or convenience.

Living in God’s righteousness is about learning through study of the Bible, how He thinks about the things He has created. Learn what He thinks about issues like money, family, love, heterosexuality and stick with them.

Remember, God’s Word states His intents, the general way is the opinion of someone who doesn’t really know for sure, which society has come to accept.

Studying Makes His Voice Decipherable

Once you learn how a person thinks, you can easily percieve how he or she communicates. For instance, God will always seek fellowship with you, so everytime you hear a voice in your head urging you to go and pray, that is God nudging you to pray. We are many times reminded in the Bible to pray for ourselves, the Church and the Lost. Prayer is God’s idea.

Learning how God thinks will make His voice more decipherable to you, particularly in this age when lies of the flesh, the devil and this world system seem more believeable than ever before. You’ll be able to discern righteousness from error because something won’t feel quite right when you come in contact with a lie.

To be continued….


  1. N. Igbinijesu

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