The Stewart Farm

Once upon a time, on a farm owned by the Stewarts lived a handful of animals; cattle, grasscutters, horses, goats and sheep.

Notable among the cattle were the bullocks, Stamper and Taurus, two fierce looking creatures who did most of hard work, pulling ploughs all year through.

There were also notables among the grasscutters, Sharpy, Witty and Smart, who like most of their kin, scurried about in their cages until the day they were shipped off to the local market to be sold as bushmeat. In the while before market day came, all they talked about was changing the world even if they didn’t know how.

Greedy, Grumpy and Grinch were the heads of the goat family on the farm. Generally, the goats had a higher-than-usual aspiration about living what they called the ‘good life.’ And they weren’t ashamed to banter about it. For them, this ‘good life’ was everything they talked about. And apart from bleating unsolicited praises of the Stewarts occasionally, they generally lazed about rather than do any chores like the others. The funny thing was: Everyone on the farm had come to accept this hay-grubbing bunch for what they were.

“Sickening sycophants,” the other animals would call them. But the goats were never goaded.

And then, there was Mutton Siddon and Misfit Look, the patriarch and matriarch of a flock of about a thousand six hundred sheep. Docile, ignorant, and pleasure-seeking, the sheep always looked helpless in spite of their large number on the farm. Because of their lethargy, many of them were even made to bear the labels, ‘misfit’, ‘malefactor’, or ‘mutton’ in front of their names by the other animals on the farm. Mutton Siddon, hardly ever alert, would always try to pacify the sheep each time their neighbours took advantage of them. “One of these days, you wait and see.” He would bleat. “We will revolt and even Stewarts will know not to toy with us anymore. You just wait…”



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