What Many Men Modernism Hath Killed

Many a man modernism hath killed.The Hitlers, the Hoovers and then, the Vanderbilts. Men of power; men of grace; men of fame. Attempting to live forever, their eyes staring starkly at their legacies.
Many great men modernism hath killed.The Guevaras, the Gräfenbergs and of course, Hemingway. Men earnestly plodding through this winding world wandering; mostly floundering forward with no way.

Only had they their existence with a true centre. Then their worlds wouldn’t have so quickly been shattered. 

Sheltered living. Yes…in the shadows of a much bigger man. I should think it was probably how men were supposed to live. 

Of a truth, many men modernism hath killed. Men professing wisdom foolishly; like a shirt misbuttoned. Free men trying so hard to be free in their own minds, taking upon themselves the drudgery of ‘trying to be’ when they already were. Ailing men, looking to find themselves, who knew not of the one thing needful: 

Yeshua, a man from a small town called, Nazareth and his indistinct claim to be God.

Indistint is too easy, like a target you could never miss. But man, scarred by his need not to feel lost; to be in control and by his undying love for novelty, is tripped by the low bar. What men modernism hath killed? A sea of tombstones, walking…but dead.


POOR- Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Several years ago…in fact the very first time I recognized God speak to me, part of what He said that day was:

The greatest resource in the world is people. Invest in people.

The people around us–wherever we find ourselves– are our opportunity. And how you take this statement can draw a line to demarcate what side of the divide you fall into–whether you are rich…or poor.

A great preacher once said that the secret of success is to find a human need and reach out to meet it. Success is not in the vaults of a central bank or in the deep recesses of the earth where oil and other minerals are dredged. Success is with people; lodged in their needs.

Think about it, people around you need capital; need food; need housing or a place to do business. They need groceries, water, a place to workout…or someone to teach them a skill. And maybe you are the person to meet their need if you’d just take a deeper look at them when you pass by in traffic, at work or in your neighborhood.

When next you pass by someone, catch yourself and look him or her in the eye. See the opportunity if you can and if you can’t, just salute the divinity in that person and move on. But never pass over people as if they are nothing because to do so, is to settle yourself behind the divide of that line that reads POOR.

Poverty is not the absence of money but the absence of ability-the ability to recognize opportunities.

Little wonder someone came up with a meaning for the acronym, P-O-O-R to be Passing Over Opportunities-Repeatedly.

How To Get Out Of Trouble Fast 2

Getting out of trouble fast–when you get in– is something many, many Christians fail to do, simply because of a failure to recognize due process that is a character of the spirit realm. 

Isaiah 38 tells a story about Prophet Isaiah informing Hezekiah, then the King of the nation of Judah, to put his affairs in order, in preparation for his imminent demise. He was going to die and this counsel was as certain as God being on the throne. But Hezekiah didn’t accept it. And what he did was very instructive. 

The Bible says, Hezekiah turn his face to the wall. He turned from men and all their machinations. And all he could see at that time, was God. Put away all your rationalization for a solution and turn to God. Only He can get you out of trouble. 

Next, the King of Judah put God to rememberance. He said: ‘Remember how I walked before You in truth, and with a perfect heart.’  And then, Hezekiah wept sore before the Lord.

The story goes that in moments, God instructed Isaiah to return to Hezekiah and announce his healing;  give him a special confirmation of his healing and add fifteen more years to his life. Hezekiah beat the ailment and beat death in one fell swoop.

Through prayer, Hezekiah altered his destiny and so can you. And it wasn’t just the content of his prayer but the approach.

What approach?

God says, ‘Put me in remembrance, let us plead together; rehearse thine own cause, that thou mayest be justified.’(Isaiah 43;26)

The implication is that God–as the righteous judge that He is–wants us to rehearse our own cause before Him because we have an enemy who does not sleep but daily accuses us in the realm of the spirit as to why certain provisions that are ours by right should not be ours vitally. It is this due process that requires that you put Him in remembrance of His word by rehearsing your cause.

For instance, a Christian isn’t supposed to be unemployed. Ephesians 4:28 says this. It is your right to have work. But if you don’t know it, the accuser of the brethren, the devil will use your ignorance to rob you of many great paying jobs or business opportunities in the court of God.

God again says, ‘Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.’ (Isaiah 41:21)

Your responsibility is to produce your cause. You are suppose to be in health; produce your cause. You are suppose to be debt-free; produce your cause. You are supposed enjoy marital bliss; produce your cause. A cause is an overriding  conviction based on God’s will for you. Produce it in the place of prayer.

Next, He says, bring forth your strong reasons. These are the reasons why you should be healthy; why you should be debt-free; why you should live void of defeat. And no reasons are as strong as the reasons God himself has given us in His word. Search out the reasons for your cause and bring them forth as you pray to the Jugde of all the earth; the King of Jacob.

You know, Jacob earned the name, Israel, meaning, Prince of God, because according to Genesis 32: 24-28, he wrestled with God’s Angel and prevailed. But Hosea explains how Jacob’s wrestle story was an allegory; about how he prayed and prevailed.

The Prophet says, ‘Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto him: he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with us;’ (Hosea 12:4)

He wept and made supplication. That was how Jacob prevailed. That was how Hezekiah too, prevailed. And this is how you too must prevail. The Bible says, He found God in Bethel, the house of God and there God spoke. 

Today, if you are born again, you are the house of God and right where you are, the Judge of the earth waits for you to present your case to Him so that He too can pronounce  His judgements on your matter. Enough of letting Satan speak and wreak havoc in your life. It is time to get out of trouble fast.

It is time to pray…a prayer of petition!


Low Birthrate, Robotization and the Case for Test Tube Babies

Malthusians have been correct for quite a while now. Low birthrate trends in the developed world have shown no sign of abating, going by statistics.

While countries like Canada have turned to immigration to solve potential demographic problems of an ageing workforce and weak taxation, Japan is turning to robotics because of its desire to remain a homogenous society.  But other homogenous first world countries seem to be caught in a dilemma with many playing the proverbial ostrich; holding out on diversity and economic growth.

Finland for example, like most of its neighbours, has been experiencing lower birthrates on a consistent basis.  It response: state incentives for mothers; the kind that would almost certainly make it a lucrative business to have children in other climes, but no. 

2016 birthrate figures show that Finland recorded its lowest number of babies born in 150 years. Statistics Finland, the country’s team of statisticians, projected birthrate figures for last year to be a worrisome 1.57.

Be that as it may, this kind of problems could eventually lead to the rise of gestational surrogacy as a solution…with a new kind of migrant worker–the surrogate mother from the third world.

Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman just carries and delivers a baby for another person or couple. She has no biological relationship with the baby because the sperm and egg are cultured in a test tube via the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and placed in her womb to carry it to term. The woman who carries the baby is the gestational surrogate, or gestational carrier.

Governments like Finland’s, concerned about keeping their populations homogenious while improving the number of future taxer payers may jolly well consider incentivizing healthy surrogate mothers from abroad to come and help create its own Finnish baby boom. 

But that’s only the beginning. Artificially boosting the number of babies born could pose new problems like higher foster care costs and even, human right violations. This is why government cannot approach the problem of low birthrate without carefully making laws and planting a pro-family message in its citizenry by way of national orientation to help encourage adoption and healthy families.

Robotization may be Japan’s way of dealing with its ambitions to sustain a homogenous society and sustain economic growth. But the rise of ‘test tubers’ could answers the demographic questions that face the most of developed world in the years to come.

How To Get Out Of Trouble Fast

If you are somewhere in your life right now, caught in a storm; or a pit; or a dark place, don’t fret. God has you. 

Even if it is divorce, debt or disappointment. Remember, God has you!

John Wesley, once said that it appears God would do nothing except we pray. In reality, he  was just echoing Jesus in Luke 18:1. We were designed to pray.

So we pray; not with mumblings of our muffled mouths that punctuate with ‘Amen’. Or the ‘moments of silence’ that we often rationalize with, ‘God knows my heart.’ We pray; reeling out of scriptures with some degree of in-depth preparedness; like a  well-researched lawyer in the middle of a nationally televised case.

‘Please your case’ the Lord says, ‘put me in rememberance of my word so that I may acquit you.’ But no, Isaiah 43:26 goes unbelieved…and undone. And that’s why many remain in trouble for so long.

‘Take with you words’ the Prophet Hosea says. Gather all the verses of scritpure that pertain to fixing the matter you are facing and pray them without ceasing.  

It works. It worked for the Apostles when they were threatened by the Sahendrin. It worked for Peter when he was imprisoned by Herod. It can work with you.

There’s is a Bible story in Genesis 32 about Jacob wrestling with God after which, he received  the name, Israel. It was an allegory about prevailing in prayer. 

How do I know this?

Hosea 12:4-5 says,

‘Indeed, he struggled with the angel, and prevailed; he wept, and made petition to him. He found him at Bethel, and there he spoke with him, even the LORD, the God of hosts; The LORD is his name of renown.’

He petitioned God and prevailed. 

“Put forward your case!” says the LORD. “Submit your arguments!” says Jacob’s King. (Isaiah 41:21)

If you want to get out of trouble fast, this is the way!

The Rapture Of The Church

We share a common destiny–if you are born again. But this isn’t about religion as it is about faith. 
Faith to accept the truth. Faith by definition, is acting in line with the message of the Bible; seeing things with the tunnel vision that may often seem parochial and not altering your stance at the possibility of apparent failure.
It was so with Noah about the flood. And though many people do not think that it really happened, the Mayans, a tribe in South America that kept accounts of this floods. Evidence by archaeologist, Robert Ballard support the occurrence of  a global flood around 5000BC. 

But then, Noah was probably deemed crazy when he began building the Ark and warning about the flood to come that God had told him to prepare for. 

It may be the exact same way today, when we talk about Jesus and the Rapture of the Church. So let it be known that one day–soon, this unimaginable event will occur and it will be reported across World media for what it was. It will mark the beginning of unrestrained wickedness across the earth, far beyond the proportions we see today in the forms of human trafficking, murder, wars, lechery and greed. 

The Church will be raptured someday soon. Better prepare!

Remember King Asa

Starting something is never as important as finishing particularly, if what you start has some serious merit.

King Asa was a great king of Judah who began his reign with the zeal of a newbee. He was a master at fellowshipping with the Lord and leading his nation to do same. Unlike many in his class of kings, Asa prayed some of the most profound prayers of any kings before and after him. 

One time he faced an army of a million Eithopians and defeated them with divine help. Another time he instituted laws that made it a crime not to pray to the Lord across the whole country. Asa even deposed his own mother for worshipping idols. 

And by His thirty-fifth year as king, there was peace, absolute peace across his domain. Complacence set in.

Then Baasha of Israel laid siege on Judah by  building a blockade that would cut the flow of supplies to Judah. This was a smaller problem than the Eithopian war and Asa was seduced to thinking he could just pay an ally some money to disrupt the incursions of Israel, which he did. He didn’t pray and he didn’t seek the Lord. He didn’t recognize that maybe the problem had come from not being in constant fellowship with the Lord and Israel had been allowed to move against Judah because God thought it would bring Him back to the prayer place.

Wars returned to Judah and within four years Asa the Great King and Reformer died. What is striking is that he didn’t die from the slash of a sword in battle but from a crippling generative disease in his feet that he again, refused to talk to the Lord about. 

His prayerlessness was an act of pride; choosing to depend solely on human efforts and not on God. But I wonder where it all started, since he didn’t begin his reign this way. It must have been a slow fade.

Asa is a warning not to heady about the crippling issues we are faced with in your life right now but to pray about them. 

Remember King Asa!